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Thanks to all who continue to send me new and revised links. If you have an updated link, know of new links, or have found links that simply do not work, please let me know by E-mail. If you prefer, you can contact me by using the Reply Message Form. The list continues to grow, in part due to the suggestions I have received. The list has also been reorganized. Any comments, including suggestions for improving its usability, are appreciated.

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Non-U.S. Unions:*

International Federations





Azerbaijan Republic






China (Taiwan)























New Zealand







San Marino -- The third smallest state in Europe after The Holy See and Monaco, located in Central Italy.




South Africa






United Kingdom



*Note:  Because of the tight integration and significant overlap between Canadian and U.S. labor unions, links to Canadian unions are mixed in with the general labor links.

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"Buy Union" Lists 

Buy Union List-Maintained by the AFL-CIO Union Label and Service Trades Department.
National Directory of Union Goods and Services--Maintained by the CLC.
UAW Consumer Buying Guide -- Listing of cars, trucks and other products made with UAW labor.  (Do you really want that sweet-looking Mitsubishi?  According to the UAW, if it's a Galant or an Eclipse, it's OK.)
Union Print Shops - Want that bug on your business cards?  The GCIU lets you search by state.  Generously, they do not limit their search to GCIU shops, but include all Allied Printing Trades Council shops.
Union Hotels - The bug may be OK on your business cards, but not in your bed.  HERE has compiled a searchable list of union hotels.

Boycott Lists:

National Boycotts Sanctioned by the AFL-CIO
CLC-Sanctioned Boycotts
HERE Boycotts - A listing of hotels where there are active labor disputes.
Behind the Label -- News and information about sweatshops and the garment industry.
Boycott NIKE! (Including a list of other anti-NIKE sites)
Boycott NIKE (with emphasis on Viet Nam)
(Personal commentary--Several years ago a number of civil rights organizations criticized Nike for targeting African-Americans with its marketing, while it had virtually no African-Americans in its upper management. I have always thought this effort was misguided. The problem with Nike is that it has utterly rejected the ethic originally propounded by Walter Reuther, and later adopted by Henry Ford, that in order to create a prosperous and stable society, you must produce usable and affordable products, manufactured by a well-paid class of workers who can afford to actually consume the products you produce. Instead, Nike is a bunch of white guys who have made themselves very rich by using a massive marketing machine to create a demand--particularly among the economically disadvantaged--for an overpriced product of marginal utility, manufactured overseas by impoverished workers receiving little more than slave wages.)
Clean Clothes Campaign
Sweatshop Watch -- A coalition of labor, community, civil rights, immigrant rights, women's, religious & student organizations, and individuals committed to eliminating sweatshop conditions in the global garment industry.

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International Labor News

Other Union-Related and Worker-Related Sites: 

The following are some of the many pro-worker, pro-labor oriented sites that are not strictly associated with particular unions. While their inclusion on this list does not necessarily indicate my endorsement of their points of view, neither should this disclaimer indicate my disagreement.

Labor Art

Labor Photographs by Earl Dotter
Bread and Roses Cultural Project, The not-for-profit cultural arm of New York's Health and Human Service Union, 1199/SEIU.
Union Songs -- A collection of the music that has inspired workers for generations.

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The Labor Educator, including Inside the AFL-CIO and LaborTalk, by labor author and commentator Harry Kelber.

Pro-Labor Political Organizations (U.S. and Canada):

The Labor Party-The only political party in the U.S. dedicated to working people and the labor movement.
New Democratic Party of British Columbia (Canada)
Solidarity, "a democratic, socialist, feminist organization . . . ."
Socialist Labor Party (If you're looking for Marxists, you'll find them here.)

Taft-Hartley Plans Represented on the 'Net:

These links have been moved elsewhere on this page. They are now directly under the links for the associated union.

Arbitration, Election and Mediation Services for Unions

American Arbitration Association -- Provides arbitrators and mediators, and assists in the conduct of Union elections.
Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service -- Government agency providing arbitrators and mediation services, as well as administering several grant programs.
iBallot.Com -- "Provides unions with a secure Internet based voting system from which they can run their elections, take votes and conduct polls."

Libraries and Educational Institutions with Special Labor Connections

National Associations
The United Association for Labor Education
University of Alabama - Center for Labor Education and Research
University of Arkansas at Little Rock - Labor Education Program
Arizona Mining and Labor History, Arizona State University
Laney College, Labor Studies Program
University of California at Berkeley, Center for Labor Research & Education, Institute of Industrial Relations
Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace, Stanford University
Southern California Library for Social Studies and Research
Urban Archives Center, California State University, Northridge
Center for Labor Research and Education, UCLA
Labor Archives and Research Center, San Francisco State University
Thomas J. Dodd Research Center, University of Connecticut
Florida International University, Center for Labor Research & Studies
Southern Labor Archives, Georgia State University
University of Hawaii at Manoa Library
Center for Labor Education and Research, University of Hawaii
Chicago Historical Society
Illinois Labor History Society, sponsored by the Chicago-Kent College of Law
Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Rare Books and Special Collections, Indiana State University at Terre Haute
Indiana University - South Bend Division of Labor Studies
The University of Iowa Labor Center
University of Maine - Bureau of Labor Education
George Meany Center for Labor Studies, Silver Spring, Maryland (A place where I have taught.)
Baltimore Museum of Industry
Collections Management and Special Collections, University of Maryland at College Park
Samuel Gompers Papers Website, University of Maryland at College Park
Community College of Baltimore County Labor Studies Program, Dundalk Campus, coordinated by Bill Barry
Harvard University - Trade Union Program
Special Collections and Archives, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Sophia Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts
Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations, University of Michigan
Labadie Collection, Harlan Hatcher Library, University of Michigan
School of Labor and Industrial Relations, Michigan State University
College of Urban, Labor and Metropolitan Affairs, Wayne State University
Walter P. Reuther Library - Home to the Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs, the Wayne State University Archives and the Douglas Fraser Center for Workplace Issues
Labor Education Service, Industrial Relations Center, University of Minnesota
Immigration History Research Center, University of Minnesota
Western Historical Manuscripts Collection - Columbia, Missouri
Ozarks Labor Union Archives, Southwest Missouri State University
New Jersey
Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University
New York
M.P. Catherwood Library, Cornell University
Tamiment Institute Library and Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives
New York State Archives and Records Administration
Rockefeller Archive Center
Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives, Cornell University
Ohio Historical Society
Labor Union Manuscripts in Special Collections, Dunbar Library, Wright State University
University of Oregon Labor Education & Research Center
Urban Archives Center, Temple University
Special Collections, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Historical Collections and Labor Archives, Penn State
Penn State University Department of Labor Studies and Industrial Relations
Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh
Rhode Island
Institute for Labor Studies & Research
Tennessee Center for Labor-Management Relations
Special Collections, University of Texas at Arlington
Marriot Library Special Collections, University of Utah
Virginia Commonwealth University Labor Studies Center
Foley Center Library, Manuscript Collections, Gonzaga University
Washington, DC
Library of Congress Labor History Sources in the Manuscript Division
Library of Congress Labor History Sources in the motion picture, broadcasting and sound division
Department of Archives, Manuscripts and Museum Collection, Catholic University of America
West Virginia
West Virginia University Institute for Labor Studies
State Historical Society of Wisconsin
Milwaukee Urban Archives, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
University of Wisconsin Industrial Relations Institute
School for Workers, University of Wisconsin Extension
British Columbia
Simon Fraser University Center for Labor Studies, Burnaby, BC
Center for Labour Studies, Adelaide, Australia
Virtual Library of Labor and Business Institutions

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Other resources and labor-related organizations include:

Organizing Institute AFL-CIO
Alliance for Retired Americans
CyberUnion, working to help apply the power of the Web to the needs of working people.  (Under construction.)
The Association for Union Democracyunion democracy for a strong labor movement
UPUASU -- The forum for San Antonio Union Pacific Employees (affiliated with the Association for Union Democracy)
Jobs With Justice, a campaign for workers' rights Labor Issues Guide, Maintained by David Low
The Corporation Hall Of Shame, "a site featuring those corporations who have earned the right to take their place in this hallowed hall with their actions against employees, unions, communities and/or the environment."
LabourStart - "Where trade unionists start their day on the net." A website serving the global labor community.
Union Privilege
Cornell University School of Industrial Relations, Information for Human Resources and Industrial Relations
Labour and Trade Union Page, Victoria, Australia
Americans with Disabilities Act Document Center
Multinational Monitor
Merchant Marine and Maritime Web pages
Bennie's Merchant Marine Pages
Workers of America
The Detroit Journal (Metropolitan Detroit Council of Newspaper Unions)
International Commission for Coordination of Solidarity Among Sugar Workers
International Liaison Committee for a Workers' International
International Federation of Workers' Education Associations
International Liaison Committee for a Worker's International
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility - CPSR
International Transport Federation
Harry Bridges
SoliNet: The Solidarity Network (operated by the Canadian Union of Public Employees)
SoliNet's Labour Site of the Week
Disgruntled: The Business Magazine for People Who Work for a Living®
SWEAT Labor Magazine On-Line   "The Internet Source For Independent Labor News & Opinion"
Prospering in America Radio Show
Corporate Watch
Cyber Picket Line
The Labor Camp
Labor Notes
Robert D. Grant United Labor Amateur Radio Association

American Internet Services -- Edward Padgett's Extensive List of Union Web Links
Pension and Welfare Benefit Links
The Catholic - Labor Network
Workplace Rights -- From the American Civil Liberties Union
American Railroad Employee Safety Congress
National Association of Government Labor Officials
Union Resource Network -- A large and comprehensive site devoted to unions and union activities.  A commercial site that provides web design and Internet access, affiliated with the CWA.  (It is claimed that they have the largest listing of labor links available on the Internet--that is demonstrably untrue.)
UnionTalk4Nurses -- A site for unionized nurses to exchange views and information.  Maintains a very active mailing list.
Labor Beat -- "An independent rank-and-file labor forum. Producers of labor television and radio. Advocates for labor media."

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