Labor Union Representation

Mooney Green provides legal services to labor organizations that represent America’s working men and women.

Mooney Green proudly represents international and national labor organizations throughout the United States, as well as local unions throughout the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area, handling a wide range of matters in both federal and state courts, as well as before governmental agencies, and in private arbitration and mediation matters.  Our labor practice includes representation of labor organizations in both the private and public sectors.  The Firm’s labor practice includes unions in a broad variety of industries and crafts, including fire fighters and first responders, building and construction, coal mining, federal, state, local and municipal government, the maritime industry, healthcare and other service industries, local and long-distance hauling, transportation, rail, manufacturing, printing, security, and nursing.

Our clients know that we are with them in their fight for their members at their jobsites and workplaces.  Whether it is seeking improvements in wages and benefits at the bargaining table, seeking justice and dignity on the job through arbitrations or court actions, taking lawful job actions to improve working conditions, or organizing new members into their union, we are with our clients in every one of their battles providing thoughtful and strategic legal advice.

The Firm’s labor attorneys offer a vast amount of collective experience providing guidance and advice to our labor clients – many of whom have been with us since the inception of the Firm.  Mooney Green labor attorneys view our role as trusted advisers who provide guidance to our clients about the risks and benefits associated with a particular course of action based on our experience and expertise so they can ultimately make their own informed decisions.

We see ourselves as problem-solvers and problem-avoiders. We assist our clients in all aspects of their operations, both internally such as interpreting and applying their constitutions and bylaws, developing, and implementing policies and dealing with federal agencies, such as the Department of Labor, and externally, such as dealing with employers and organizing new bargaining units.  We offer tailored training programs, seminars and educational workshops to our clients’ business agents and shop stewards to empower them with the information and skills they need to properly do their jobs. Our goal is to provide our clients with creative solutions to help them best achieve their legitimate objectives with a minimum amount of risk.

We are not afraid to take the fight to the employers.  The Firm’s labor attorneys have decades of trial, administrative agency, and arbitration experience, including handling federal jury trials, appearing before federal and state courts and labor boards, and arguing cases before the United States Supreme Court.   Mooney Green’s litigation practice includes prosecuting unfair labor practice charges and prohibited practice charges, pursuing violations of the United States Constitution and labor laws, enforcing the overtime pay requirements contained in the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”), defending union clients against duty of fair representation claims and other alleged wrongful conduct, litigating defamation and First Amendment claims, and handling wrongful termination actions.

Mooney Green labor attorneys also regularly represent our union clients and their members in labor arbitrations to enforce just cause provisions related to unlawful discipline, as well as to enforce contractual provisions concerning other terms and conditions of employment.  We also participate in all aspects of collective bargaining, including serving as the chief negotiator for several of our clients during negotiations.

Mooney Green’s labor practice also includes attorneys who specialize in the Railway Labor Act (“RLA”). The Firm’s RLA practice includes the representation of various railroad and airline unions in this highly particularized area of federal labor law.  We also routinely handle matters before the Federal Labor Relations Authority (“FLRA”) and handle grievances and arbitrations for federal sector employee unions.

Our clients know that when they need expert legal counseling and representation, Mooney Green is there with them every step of the way to ensure their success and ability to fulfill their mission.

Practice Highlights
  • Eastern Associated Coal Corp. v. Mine Workers, 531 U.S. 57 (2000)(unanimous Supreme Court decision enforcing labor arbitration award).
  • NLRB v. Daycon Products, 494 Fed. Appx 97 (D.C. Cir. 2012), cert. denied, 573 U.S. 958 (2014)(obtained approximately $1.5 million in back pay and benefits).
  • Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association, AFL-CIO and Marine Personnel & Provisioning Company, LLC (“MPP”)(Homer LaRue)(Feb. 3, 2021)(six figure pay out to union members affected by the Employer’s refusal to pay penalty time under the labor contract).
  • National Nurses United v. Trump, Case No. 18-2656 (D.D.C. 2018)(lawsuit challenging blanket prohibition on use of official time by nurse union representatives at the Department of Veterans Affairs).
  • Teamsters Local 639 and Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (May 2021)(arbitration awarding $540,172.40 to the bargaining unit).
  • Mercier, et al. v. USA, 1:12-cv-00920 (Fed. Cl.)(class action case settled for $160 million on behalf of 3,200 Registered Nurses at the Department of Veterans Affairs).
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